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Albert Arcinas, M.S.

Sugarcane Program Manager; Maui Substation

(808) 877-5715 (Maui)

HARCmaui at harc-hspa dot com

Janet Ashman, J.D.

Environmental Specialist; env. affairs, legislative coordination, env. monitoring, quality assurance

(808) 877-6916 (Maui)

JAshman at harc-hspa dot com

Nicklos Dudley, M.S.

Forester/Maunawili Experiment Station Manager; silviculture, selection and breeding, seed production

(808) 262-4041

NDudley at harc-hspa dot com

Mel Jackson, Ph.D.

Director of Product Development & Services; pesticide analysis, analytical methods development, biochemistry, environmental monitoring

(808) 486-5421

MJackson at harc-hspa dot com

David Kula, M.S.

Controller; finance, business office, data processing, contract compliance

(808) 486-5312

DKula at harc-hspa dot com

Ann Marsteller, M.L.S.


(808) 486-5370

AMarsteller at harc-hspa dot com

Heather McCafferty, Ph.D.

Research Associate; molecular genetics

(808) 486-5303

hawaiiflyo at hotmail dot com

Chifumi Nagai, Ph.D.

Director of Beverage Crops Research/Plant Breeder and Biotechnologist; plant breeding, plant transformation, tissue and cell culture, micropropagation

(808) 486-5385

CNagai at harc-hspa dot com

Michael Poteet, M.S.

Assistant Agronomist; weed control, soil physics, soil fertility, irr. design and practice

(808) 677-5541

Mpoteet at harc-hspa dot com

Lance Santo, M.S.

Agronomist/Field Coordinator; weed control, soil physics, soil fertility, irr. design and practice

(808) 677-5541

LSanto at harc-hspa dot com

Susan Schenck, Ph.D.

Plant Pathologist; disease diagnosis and control, microbiology, nematology

(808) 486-5386

SSchenck at harc-hspa dot com

Ben Somera, B.S.

Sugar Technologist; sugar boiling and crystallization, factory analytical procedures

(808) 486-5388

BSomera at harc-hspa dot com

Roger Styan, B.S.

Experimentalist-Kunia Substation (Oahu)

(808) 677-5541

HARCkun at aloha dot net

Blake Vance, Ph.D.

Vice President/Facility Administrator ; QA, good laboratory practices, safety, systems support

(808) 486-5401

BVance at harc-hspa dot com

Stephanie A. Whalen, M.S.

HARC President and Director; environmental science

(808) 486-5310

SWhalen at harc-hspa dot com

Ming-Li Wang, Ph.D.

Molecular Biologist; molecular biology

(808) 486-5389

MWang at harc-hspa dot com

Qingyi Yu, Ph.D.

Plant Molecular Biologist; tropical crop plant genomics

(808) 486-5374

Qyu at harc-hspa dot com

Judy Zhu, Ph.D.

Biochemist; biochemistry, genetic transformation

(808) 486-5376

JZhu at harc-hspa dot com

Hawaii Agriculture Research Center (HARC)
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