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This site is being set up to be a clearing house for transportation information. The listing of a company should not be construed to be an endorsement. See also links under Exporting& Importing, and International Trade at this site.

Shipping Tools

  • Preflight Checklist for Shipping Your Quality Hawaii Agricultural Product.
    This handy 4-page checklist brings to light many of the questions that need to be addressed before, during, and after shipping your product. Click here to download entire publication in PDF.Hawaiian Islands Air Cargo Resource Book 1999-2000 cover
  • Hawaiian Islands Air Cargo Resource Book 1999-2000
    This book is a tool for those wishing to improve their business by being more informed about air cargo services and exporting. It is designed to help new and established entrepreneurs quickly gather information as they try to be more efficient and reduce business uncertainty. 130 air cargo business listed with the specific services they provide. Click here to download ordering flyer.


General Links

  • ClearFreight's site (offers an amazing collection of links and information for shipping.

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