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The interisland inspection and certification program of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s (HDOA) Plant Quarantine Branch helps prevent the spread of agricultural pests from one island to another and from infested areas of an island to uninfested areas. See Chapter 4-72, Plant Interstate Rules of the Hawaii Administrative Rules, for more information. Copies can be downloaded or found at the Hawaii State libraries.

Examples of pests that are prohibited from movement include but are not limited to the following:

  • Banana plants and parts (except fruits) from Oahu and from North and South Kona districts cannot be moved to other islands or to uninfested areas of Hawaii island to prevent the spread of banana bunchy top virus.
  • Taro plants from Hawaii island cannot be moved to other islands to prevent the spread of the taro root aphid.
  • Bulbuls (a bird species) from Oahu cannot be moved to other islands to prevent this pest from damaging fruits and flowers.

All plants and animals should be inspected at the HDOA Plant Quarantine Office before they are moved between islands. Plants and animals without a "Passed" sticker may not be allowed on the airplane.

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