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For more information on Foot-and-Mouth Disease,
link to the
USDA website.

Hawaii is a class-free State for brucellosis, tuberculosis and pseudorabies.

The following general requirements are provided:

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is required for all animals arriving in Hawaii. The certificate must be signed by a State, Federal, or accredited veterinarian; it must be seven or fewer days old; and must attest that all requirements have been fulfilled.

For all livestock or exotic ungulates originating from any State affected with Vesicular stomatitis, the following statements shall be required on all certificates of veterinary inspection :
" The animals represented on this certificate of veterinary inspection have not originated from a premises or area under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis or a premises on which vesicular stomatitis has been diagnosed in the past thirty days.  I have examined the animals and have found no signs of vesicular stomatitis". 

Select one of the following for more information on a particular species:

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Birds and poultry
  • Sheep and goats
  • Swine
  • Semen and embryos
  • Other species
  • For additional information:

    During office hours, for livestock, semen and embryos, & non-domestic animals call (808) 483-7113.

    For information on dogs and cats click here.

    For birds, poultry, rabbits and other pets call (808) 837-8092 or click here to email

    For emergency provisions, after hours, or on weekends, call (808) 837-8092.