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Divisions and staff office services:
ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES OFFICE Provides support services to the Department in the areas of personnel, budget, office and facilities management, and office automation.
AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT Assists in the development and expansion of agricultural industries through data collection and information dissemination, as well as promotional and marketing efforts.
Provides estimates of acreage, production, and value of major agricultural crops, as well as livestock and poultry. Online HASS reports available.
Provides information on current market prices and supply of fruits, vegetables, and shell eggs, as well as market analysis and research. Market News reports available.
Assists in the promotion and marketing of Hawaii's agricultural, floricultural, and manufactured food products. Hawaii Agriculture & Food Products Directory database available.
AGRICULTURAL LOAN Issues financial loans to qualified farmers and aquaculturists.
AGRICULTURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Administers the development and management of key agricultural resources.
Manages agricultural lots at Hamakua, Kahuku, Keahole, Kekaha, Molokai, Pahoa, Panaewa, Waianae, Waimanalo I, and Kalaeloa."
Manages state irrigation systems at Hoolehua, Kahuku, Waimanalo, Waimea and Honokaa-Paauilo.
Oversees facilities in Kamuela, Honalo.
AQUACULTURE DEVELOPMENT Assists in the development of a sustainable commercial aquaculture industry in Hawaii.
ANIMAL INDUSTRY Protects Hawaii's livestock and poultry industries through the control and prevention of pests and diseases.
Prevents the introduction of rabies to Hawaii, a rabies-free state. Information brochure and forms available.
Controls and prevents the entry and spread of livestock diseases. Information on importing livestock available.
Provides diagnostic laboratory services in the prevention, control, and eradication of animal diseases.
QUALITY ASSURANCE Assists in the marketing of quality agricultural commodities and promotion of fair trade and honest business practices.
Certifies agricultural commodities for grade & condition, establishes & enforces grade standards, registers & samples animal feed, licenses product dealers, and oversees milk production & prices paid to producers. Report of Analysis of Official Commercial Feed Samples available.
Assures accuracy of measurement, packaging, labeling and pricing of commercial goods to prevent unfair practices.
PLANT INDUSTRY Promotes expansion of Hawaii's agriculture by overcoming quarantine restrictions, as well as preventing the entry and establishment of detrimental animals, insects, weeds, plant diseases, and other pests.
Regulates the distribution and use of pesticides to ensure safety and availability of important pesticides. List of licensed pesticides available.
Eradicates, contains, or controls pests of plants which could cause significant economic damage to agriculture, our environment, and quality of life. Also certifies and inspects seeds. New pest advisory available.
Prevents the introduction and spread of harmful pests and diseases into the state, as well as certifying plants for export out of the state. Information on importing plants, insects, microorganisms, and non-domestic animals to Hawaii available.

For more information on the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, write to:

Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Office of the Chairperson
1428 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96814-2512

Phone: (808) 973-9560
E-mail Address:
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